Our Services

Horse Feeding Advice

If you would like advice regarding horse feed then please ask to speak to our nutritional adviser Nikki.

Feed and Bedding Delivery Information

Wadswick Country Store is probably the largest, independent stockist of horse feed in Wiltshire.

We offer free delivery for feed & bedding orders over 30 items (feed, bedding, stable supplies) within a 30 mile radius of our premises.

Please call us on 01225 810307 if you would like to arrange a feed order.


Several of our staff are qualified to advise and sell Equine and Companion animal wormers to you in store. Please ask at the counter and we will find a qualified member of staff to help you.

Horse Rugs – Repair, washing and reproofing

Rug Wash & Re-Proofing Prices:
We can arrange for your horse rugs to be repaired, washed and reproofed for you ready for the next season. It can take up to two weeks for this to  be completed so please allow plenty of time. Repairs are charged on a case by case basis, please see below for the latest wash and reproof prices. Please be aware that these are subject to change and that the prices below may not be exact but are there to give you guidance.

Turnout Rug – Wash £14
Turnout Rug & Neck – Wash £16

Turnout Rug – Wash & Re-proof  £26
Turnout Rug Plus Neck – Wash & Re-proof £29

Stable Rug – Wash £13
Stable Rug & Neck – Wash £16

Horse Clipper Service, Repair & Blade Re-sharpening

We will take in your clipper blades and send them away to be sharpened at a cost of £7.50 per set. Please allow 2-3 weeks for them to be returned to us.

We can also arrange for your clippers to be serviced or repaired. Please bring your clippers into the store together with any blades used, its power pack and the charger. We will send the clippers off to our service provider and give a quote for the work that is required before going ahead, please ask for this service when you bring your clippers in. If this is not requested work may be completed and you will be informed of the cost on the return of the clipper to the store. If for any reason you decide not to go ahead with the repair then there will be a charge to cover the cost of the postage.

Leather Repairs

We do offer a service for leather repairs. Please bring any items you wish to have repaired/altered in to the store. Please remember that due to Health and Safety these items must be cleaned before we are able to carry out a repair. If you require a quote please state this when you bring your item to us. Items will be priced and completed on a case by case basis.

Saddle Fitting

We have two qualified Saddlers at Wadswick, Chris our Master Saddler and Charlotte our Saddle Fitter. You are welcome to arrange an appointment with one of our Saddle Fitters for them to come to you or equally bring your horse to Wadswick. Both our saddle fitters manage their own diaries and can be contacted directly or through the shop to arrange appointments.

Please Contact Chris – Saddle Fittings and Saddle Alterations
07813 658442

Please Contact Charlotte – Saddle Fitting
01225 810700
07970 745506

The Gun Room Service – Sporting Shotguns & Rifles

We offer a full repair and gun alterations service. All work is carried out by highly experienced gunsmiths and finished to the highest of standards.

If you are new to shooting and want to begin with shooting lessons or are just looking to blow away the cobwebs then why not book a lesson with one of our professional shooting instructors.

Visit The Gun Room at Wadswick Country Store