Equestrian Brands at Wadswick Country Store

What We Stock

More or less everything we have been asked for over the years where possible! Unfortunately we don’t have room for all the equestrian brands so we try to select the best in the market to make your choice easier. Our store has far more products than our website can show so you can be sure we will find the right hat, breeches, bridle etc for you should you visit our store. If we can’t, or you want something bespoke then we are always willing to try and get anything for you to try. We have been known to track down plenty of obscure and wonderful things in the past.

To give you a taste of what’s in stock though we have over 1000 pairs of breeches and more than 2000 pairs of boots and wellies. Choice across famous equestrian brands and prices so you can make an informative decision on every purchase.

Our brand list is tempting….Ariat, Dubarry, Charles Owen, Hit Air, Musto, Pikeur, Cavallo, Shires, Carr & Day & Martin, Bridleway, Kate Negus, TredStep, Gatehouse, Albion, Equipe, Beretta, Caesar Gurini, Schoffel, Le Chameau, Fairfax & Favor, Hunter, Aigle, Barbour, Joules, Magee, Hatley, Seeland we could go on but you get the picture. The aim is a mix of traditional, quality and innovative suppliers. We try to spot the newest things on the market but we also like to keep a firm hand on tradition.
We are always on the look out for new and interesting country gifts and our range is not confined just to equestrian brands, we believe that our gift selection offers a present for most people with the country at their heart. We have Falabella jewellery, Voyage Maison cushions, Breya horses and Siku tractors to start with.

We have a fantastic range of animal feed, we are proud to have Saracen as the manufacturers of our own brand horse feed which offers great quality at a good price. We endeavour to stock everything that is requested and are always happy to look into the latest trends in animal feeding. Recently we added Simple Systems and Agrobs to our range.

We also cater for the smaller animals in our lives. Our dog food selection covers all the major brands; Skinners, Burns, James Wellbeloved, Chudleys and many others. We have a great selection of dog beds, toys and plenty of treats and training aids in stock. Not to forget food for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and of course wild birds too. Our list of animal clients range from those you would expect to the more obscure including an elephant and many giraffe.

Please be aware that when shopping online, although our website stock levels are linked and should reflect current quantities sometimes there may be a delay in updating items selling through our shop. Also our stock, in particular footwear may have been tried on in store before. Whilst we try to ensure that every product is in as perfect condition as possible occasionally there may be evidence that items have previously been handled.