Veredus Magnetik Stable Boot Evo (Front)


Therapeutic device equipped with 28 neodymium magnets (per pair) which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, distributed in correspondence of the tendons flexor and fetlock joint in breatheable HCL foam (AEROX). A practical and effective alternative to traditional bindings.

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• Fastening with suspensor support and restrainment action for tendon-system to reduce typical after-work out swelling.

• Internal padding in DFD (Dry Fast Dry), interchangeable fixed with Velcro

• Lower protection in polyurethane to recude contact wear

• Velcro straps with elastic support to improve comfort and fit

• Reduces pain and swelling

• Stimulates blood circulation

• Accelerates the elimination of toxins

• Accelerated the regeneration of processes

• Prepares muscles and tendons in the effort

• Hand washable

• Non invasive, drug free approach

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Veredus Magnetik Stable Boot Evo (Front)