BEEVIVE Bee Revival Keyring


The first, the original. The BEEVIVE keyring the way you know it, set up and ready to use



Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee.
During a short break in Cornwall, The creators of BEEVIVE were out exploring when they discovered an exhausted bee. Unequipped, they carefully picked up their new friend and started their search for sugar and water.
They soon found a café keen to help and mixed a few drops of sugar solution onto a spoon. Within a few moments their new companion had enough energy to buzz away!
It was on this day that BEEVIVE was born, they began designing a Bee revival keyring to be readily accessible for the next time you meet a bee in need. The bee revival keyring provides an essential solution for a tired bee to help it continue its mission pollinating planet Earth.
Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK. Contains zero plastic.

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