Albion KB Competition Flash Noseband Bridle


The perfect bridle to enhance your horses performance!



The Albion KB Competition Flash Noseband Bridle was created as part of Albion’s first Pressure Relieving Bridles. This style is like no other by aiding willing submission by removing poll, browband and noseband pressure.

Designed and handmade in England using the very best full grain bridle butts, The Original KB Bridles are among the most popular bridles within our store.

The Original Pressure Relieving KB Bridle has an almost infinite range of options, which you can ‘Mix and Match’ to achieve the style, shape and size you desire. Due to the great range of styles from patent browbands to 30mm nosebands, please call us today on 01225 810 700 to get your customised bridle.

Prices will vary.


  • Cutaway padded headpiece to minimise poll pressure
  • Slips are anatomically positioned over the padded headpiece to disperse poll pressure
  • Plain oversized browband to ensure ear clearance and to minimise nerve pressure
  • Padded Flash noseband (20mm) for extra comfort

Sizes available:

  • Cob
  • Full
  • Extra-Full
  • Warmblood (WB)

Please use the following link for the: Albion KB Competition Cavesson Noseband Bridle

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