Shooting Simulator at Wadswick

Our new Marksman shooting simulator offers something for everyone. As the world’s leading shooting-coaching-training simulator for hunting and sports shooting it is absolutely the right place to come to hone your shot. Offering a true to life shooting experience with customisable shooting scenarios and target behaviours, the diagnostics provided are second to none.

Equally, if you are looking for some light entertainment with friends or colleagues the simulator offers a wide range of games and shooting disciplines. From clays to live quarry including pheasant, duck, deer or wild boar the simulator can also provide a great party venue with balloons or cans to shoot at too. Competitions can be arranged between shooters.

Our purpose built simulator room houses two screens, the main screen is 6 metres wide and a second specialist screen set at 45° offers unique simulation of incoming, driven bird shoots.

The simulator can be booked for one hour for sessions of up to three people or for two hours for sessions of four to six people. It is also available for groups of seven or more over a three hour session. There is always an in-house technician on hand to guide and assist.

Results can be saved for record keeping and monitoring progress, a great way to practice and save on costs of live ammunition until the weather is right, the season is underway or your confidence and skills are ready to be showcased. With no noise complaints and no physical impact from the firearm it’s a fantastic way to get children started and enjoy the sport in the warm and dry.

Click below to either book your session using our live online booking system, or if you’re thinking of buying it as a gift then why not buy a Shooting Simulator Voucher which can be redeemed within a two year period.

If choosing a session which commences within 48 hours of booking, please wait for confirmation of your session via email from Wadswick Country Store.