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Fairfax and Favor

Craftmanship and Style Over Fast Fashion

Established by childhood friends, Fairfax and Favor is a luxury, British-born lifestyle brand. Originally a line of footwear and accessories with a commitment to innovation in craftsmanship and design. Today, Fairfax and Favor is so much more than boots and handbags. Their pieces are a timeless fashion investment.

Fairfax and Favor is the Epitome of Country Style

Fast becoming one of our biggest selling brands and a huge hit with the country lifestyle set. Fairfax and Favor shoes, bags and accessories don’t just bridge the gap between casual and formal, or the countryside and the city. They bridge the gap between style and adventure.

Fairfax and Favour provide unrivalled fit and a continual focus on new products. Having made luxury and style accessible, Fairfax and Favor is the perfect brand to wear when stepping between town and country.

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